Nature Notes from Argyll
(and occasionally other places)

Seil Natural History Group - Midweek Field Trips

These usually take place on the last Tuesday of each month, but this is not guaranteed so please check.  Contact email is .  The starting time is normally 9.30 a.m.

We target a particular 1 km grid square and record everything we can identify in it during the visit.  We generally finish around lunch time, and those who wish often go to the nearest pub for lunch.  However it's a good idea to bring something to eat in case the trip lasts longer than expected.

Sometimes there is a bit of a walk to the start of the recording area, but at other times the meeting place is within the target square, and in such cases we may start finding things of interest straight away and not cover a lot of ground all morning.  The meetings are therefore not suitable for people whose main interest is in having a good long walk.  The SNHG Saturday Field Trips generally cover a lot more ground, and often involve a walk of several miles.

Everyone is responsible for their own safety.  There is no set route.  Participants may choose to investigate trees, cliffs, pools, bogs, slippery rocks or any other natural feature they find.  It is up to the individual to assess the level of risk of any action they propose to take.  We are a group of adult natural history enthusiasts out on a field trip together, all having equal status, with no leader.

There is no charge for SNHG members.  A donation of 2.50 to help cover costs is suggested for non-SHNG members, but for only 10 they can join the SNHG instead and go on all the year's events free!

These outings are FUN and a good way to get to know the great variety of plants, animals and other life forms that share the local environment with us.  It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner.  Everyone has an equal chance of finding something rare or unusual.  It may take someone else to identify it, but if you are the finder then you get the credit!

Even if all you do is call out "Foxglove" or "Bramble" as we enter the square, these records will end up as dots on maps!  All the records are sent to the appropriate recording schemes and help build up a knowledge base of the distribution of the various species, which is essential for decisions affecting conservation.

The records for each trip are also posted to the SNHG forum, and can be emailed to any participants who wish to have them.

These outings are also a good way to share tips and techniques about nature photography, use of GPS and other equipment, etc.

Ideas for new sites to visit are welcome.  If you have an area of land that you would like surveyed, please let us know.  The only condition is that there must be parking for several cars within reasonable walking distance.

Here are a few phots from some of our outings.

Gymnadenia borealis   Kuehneromyces mutabilis


Anthyllis vulneraria   Halyzia 16-guttata


Autographa gamma caterpillar   Bibio pomonae


Graphis elegans   Gymnosporangium cornutum gall on Sorbus aucuparia


Trametes versicolor   Platyptilia pallidactyla



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