Nature Notes - Mallorca 2005

As a follow-up to my visit to Mallorca from 18-29 March 2004, I was there again this year from 21 April to 3 May.  I hoped by going at a later date to see a different range of plants in identifiable condition.  This proved to be the case, despite the season being very late this year owing to a prolonged cold spell which ended just as I arrived.  During all the time I was there it was dry, sunny and hot, but with a cooling breeze at times.

I managed to see more of the island this time as I hired a car for part of my stay.  All the same, I explored the local area, around Es Verger, extensively just as last year, and right up to the end was finding new plants within a short distance of the house where I was staying, in places that I must have walked past several times before.  There just seems to be no end to the range of species along those roadsides.

See last year's Mallorca intro for general notes on how the pages are organised.

Last year I didn't get the Mallorca section of the site completed until about 9 months after my visit, and this year it's taken 12 months to even begin, but I've finally made a start with the birds page.  Below is an index to the Mallorca 2005 pages which is so far a list of blanks with birds at the end.  (update - a few plant pages have appeared at last! - more to come...)

Taxonomic groups:

Ferns to Poppies
Caryophylliflorae and Dilleniiflorae


Other Monocots