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Pyrrhosoma nymphula, male


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View NE up Loch Etive from Inverawe

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This site is a sequel to Nature Notes from Skye, occasioned by my moving from Skye to Argyll in Sep 2006.  As the post-move site clearly needed a new name, it also needed a new home page, and this is it.  However, there is continuity of narrative between the two sites, rather than a clean start.  For instance, I'm more likely to include something on the Argyll site if it hasn't been shown before on the Skye site, and, in the early Argyll pages at least, I frequently comment on differences between the flora and fauna of the two localities.  Initially, the site is about Argyll as seen through the eyes of someone from Skye!

Mouse over the pictures to see details such as Latin name, English name, grid ref, scale of photo etc.  This uses a script called Overlib developed by Erik Bosrup.  It won't work if you have Javascript turned off.

For now I have disabled the alt tags as they would show up as well as the Overlib box when you mouse over, which is overdoing it a bit!  As a result, people who have Javascript turned off will no longer see any text when mousing over the pictures.  The alt tags are still in the source code but are over-ridden by blank image title tags.

One benefit of this new feature is that I can show the photos on other sites and they will carry all their information with them.  That's why I've added info that seems redundant on this site, such as the date, and "Scotland" after the location.

From the beginning of February 2013, I'm putting all new pages on the Lorn Natural History Group site rather than this site.  Photos by other LNHG members will be included as well as my own.  Here are the LNHG pages I've done so far.  There is obviously a huge backlog to do on both sites!

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Species index (for Skye and Argyll sites combined)



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