Nature Notes from Argyll
(and occasionally other places)

Thu 16 Aug 2012 Lismore.  Outing organised by Oban U3A Wild Flower Group.

Crataegus monogyna, pruned by sheep

Hawthorn sculpted by sheep.

Hippuris vulgaris

Marestail, with Bogbean, Kilcheran Loch

Sparganium emersum

Unbranched Bur-reed, Kilcheran Loch

Eupatorium cannabinum

Hemp Agrimony, by Kilcheran Loch

Agrimonia procera

Fragrant Agrimony

Sagina nodosa

Knotted Pearlwort, by Loch Fiart

Trichoptera, empty larval cases

Empty caddisfly larval cases, packed together like this on a stone in the inlet burn to Loch Fiart.

Helianthemum nummularium

Rock-rose.  Common on Lismore, very rare in the rest of Argyll.

Helianthemum nummularium & Campanula rotundifolia

It was a bit breezy for taking plant photos, but the sunshine enabled sharp pictures of things that were blowing about wildly. Rock-rose and Harebell.

Clinopodium vulgare

Wild Basil.  It was almost over; this plant with two flowers left was the best I could find.

Koeleria macrantha

Crested Hair-grass.  In Argyll, found only on the Lismore limestone.


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