Nature Notes from Argyll
(and occasionally other places)

Sun 23 Oct 2011 Glencruitten

Microglossum viride

These Green Earthtongues were in the Cathedral of Trees at Glencruitten, spotted on an outing with Lorn Garden Club.  It was the first time I'd seen any green species of earthtongue, and these were impressive specimens, much larger than I would have expected.  The photo is taken using flash but the colour is as accurate as I can make it, quite a bluish green.

Tue 25 Oct 2011 Tralee

Anthriscus sylvestris   Armillaria ostoyae

A SNHG recording field trip.  On the way down to the beach we found Cow Parsley in full second flowering, not just basal side-shoots as are sometimes seen in autumn.  The warm conditions have persuaded a number of plants to flower again.

The Dark-scaled Honey Fungus (Armillaria ostoyae) was found by Richard in turf, doubtless attached to the roots of nearby trees.

Lycopus europaeus, fruiting   Jasione montana

Among the Marram we found Gipsywort, with its seeds shining in their calyces, and Sheepsbit Scabious still in flower.

Cantharellus tubaeformis   Helvella lacunosa

The Beechwood nearby had numerous Winter Chanterelles, also these Elfin Saddles (Helvella lacunosa) found by Jill, only the second vice-county record.

Tralee Bay

The sands of Tralee

Back home and a couple of late-season moths came through the window...

Xylena vetusta

The Red Sword-grass, above, and the Feathered Thorn, below.

Colotois pennaria

20-25 Nov 2011 Taynuilt

Poecilocampa populi   Erannis defoliaria

Even later visitors included this male December Moth with its feathered antennae, and a Mottled Umber.  Also many November Moths (not shown) have been at the window, mostly too worn to confidently tell from other Epirrita species, but those which can be identified turn out to be the November Moth proper.


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