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Sun 29 Aug 2010 CAFG Barcaldine Foray page 2 (back to Page 1)

Russula vesca   Russula densifolia

Russula vesca, recognisable by the way the cap edge is drawn back to expose the gills, and Russula densifolia in shady woodland.

Cantharellus tubaeformis   Hydnum rufescens

The Autumn Chanterelle, Cantharellus tubaeformis. This was an early one, they will carpet the ground later on.  In the hand, the Terracotta Hedgehog, Hydnum rufescens, turned over to show its spines.

Cortinarius stillatitius   Inocybe calamistrata

 Cortinarius stillatitius, the Purple Stocking Webcap.  In the hand, Inocybe calamistrata with its greenish foot and scaly cap.

Gomphidius roseus   Chalciporus piperatus

Jersey Jack, Suillus bovinus, with the reddish parasite Gomphidius roseus at the bottom of the picture.  This species only grows where S bovinus is present.  In the RH pic is the Peppery Bolete, Chalciporus piperatus.

Boletus calopus   Boletus edulis

The Bitter Beech Bolete, Boletus calopus, and the Penny Bun, Boletus edulis.

Leccinum holopus, young   Laccaria proxima

A young Leccinum holopus; its cap will turn greenish later.  A troop of Laccaria proxima scattered about the forest floor.  The oak seedling won't survive long in the spruce plantation.

Mycena filopes   Phaeolus schweinitzii

The delicate Mycena filopes, and a chunk of old Dyer's Bracket, Phaeolus schweinitzii.

Russula claroflava   Russula nigricans

The Yellow Swamp Brittlegill, Russula claroflava, and an old blackening specimen of Russula nigricans, the well-spaced gills distinguishing it from other blackening Russula species.

These last 3 pics were taken at Glen Creran where we forayed after lunch.

Mon 30 Aug 2010 Inverawe

Sciurus vulgaris

I seem to manage one Red Squirrel pic every autumn and I'm still waiting for a half-decent one.  This one was taken right into the sun so I do have an excuse.



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