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Sun 29 Aug 2010

A foray arranged by the Clyde and Argyll Fungus Group.  An account of the meeting is here

The morning session was at Sutherland's Grove, Barcaldine.

Fistulina hepatica

Within a few paces of the car park we found this stonking Beefsteak Fungus, Fistulina hepatica.

Pluteus cervinus   Amanita crocea

Pluteus cervinus on dead wood, and Amanita crocea at the base of a birch, dug up to show the basal volva.

Paxillus involutus   Hypomyces chrysospermus

The Brown Roll-rim, Paxillus involutus, a healthy specimen on the left, and one parasitised by Hypomyces chrysospermus on the right.  It was quite unusual to see this on Paxillus as it normally attacks boletes.

Russula cyanoxantha   Russula aquosa

The Charcoal Burner, Russula cyanoxantha, and the Red Swamp Brittlegill, Russula aquosa.

Tricholoma fulvum   Tricholomopsis decora

Our old friend Tricholoma fulvum, the Birch Knight, and a new friend Tricholomopsis decora.

Amanita muscaria, young   Lactarius chrysorrheus

A young Fly Agaric, with the red cap just visible between some of the scales, and a slice of Lactarius chrysorrheus, showing the milk which is white when first cut but quickly turns yellow.

Lactarius vellereus   Lactarius vellereus

The largest of the common Milk-caps, Lactarius vellereus.

Lactarius blennius   Clitocybe vibecina

Lactarius blennius, found wherever Beech grows, and Clitocybe vibecina, a new vice-county record.

Russula betularum   Russula risigallina
Russula risigallina

Russula betularum, which grows under birch, and Russula risigallina, found under oak, another vice-county first.

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