Nature Notes from Argyll
(and occasionally other places)

Tue 8 Jun 2010 Taynuilt

Lacanobia thalassina

A Pale-shouldered Brocade that came in the bathroom window, was placed on the table to photograph and then released.  Also had a White Ermine come in today.

Thu 10 Jun 2010 Taynuilt & Inverawe

Denticollis linearis   Dalopius marginatus   Coleophora serratella, larval case   Melampsora hypericorum

Four that we haven't had before.  The beetles Denticollis linearis and Dalopius marginatus, the larval case of the moth Coleophora serratella on Hazel (a relative of the Rush Moth which makes those conspicuous white cases on rushes), and the Tutsan rust Melampsora hypericorum (leaf underside shown).

12 Jun 2010 Dalavich.  A Seil Natural History Group outing.

Saturnia pavonia, young larva   Chrysoteuchia culmella

I didn't recognise this caterpillar - it's a young Emperor Moth, very different from the familiar green larva it becomes later.  Thanks to Roy Leverton for putting me right.  Grass moths of many different kinds are numerous now, flying up as you walk and settling head-down on a nearby piece of grass.  This one is the Garden Grass-veneer.

Cabera pusaria   Cabera exanthemata

These white moths were found in different places but in similar positions, among the grass at our feet.  Only when I looked at the photos did I realise they were two different kinds, the Common White Wave and the Common Wave.

Orthosia munda, young larva   Orthosia munda, young larva

A young Twin-spotted Quaker caterpillar seen on a wooden bridge.  Thanks to Roy Leverton for identifying it from these two pics via the Scottish Moths forum.

Aphidecta obliterata   Pandion haliaetus

A Larch Ladybird on a birch leaf, and a distant view of an Osprey.

Mon 14 Jun 2010 Ganavan

Cygnus olor with cygnets   Diacrisia sannio

Mute Swan with cygnets on the beach and a Clouded Buff moth among the Bog Myrtle.



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