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Mon 25 Jul 2005 Digg

Hirundo rustica
  Lestes sponsa

A Swallow perches on a dead branch, and an Emerald Damselfly on a dead rush, at the edge of Loch Seunta.  This loch has a superb range of waterside vegetation, but is completely devoid of aquatic plant life.  I don't know if this is due to pollution of some kind.  The other lochs nearby have plenty of water plants.

Melampsora caprearum with probable Aculus laevis   Puccinia primulae on Primula vulgaris

The fungus gall Melampsora caprearum on Grey Willow.  Yesterday we had its relative Melampsora epitea which is not a gall-causer.  The leaf to the right of the infected one has a mite gall which I think is Aculus laevis.  The second picture shows a Primrose leaf with spots of the rust Puccinia primulae.  These are from the wooded hill on the west side of Loch Seunta.

Blennocampa phyllocolpa   Dasineura urticae

Two more galls.  The leaf-roll of the sawfly Blennocampa phyllocolpa on Rosa sherardii, and the swellings made by the gall-midge Dasineura urticae on Nettle.




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