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Sat 23 Jul 2005 Rigg Burn

Cinclus cinclus   Alauda arvensis

Dipper and Skylark

Nematus capreae on Salix caprea   Nematus capreae on Salix caprea

The larvae of the sawfly Nematus capreae munching through the leaves of a Goat Willow.  Several leaves had already been reduced to skeletons or midribs only.  The one in the second picture is about to eat its way into the gall of another sawfly larva, a Pontania species.  Or perhaps it will avoid it?

Sun 24 Jul 2005 Struan Road woods, Portree

Aceria iteinus maybe   Ramularia ulmariae maybe

These galls on Eared Willow may be Aceria iteinus, and the leaf spot on Meadowsweet may be Ramularia ulmariae.  I can find very little info on either of these species.

Melampsora epitea   Carex hostiana

The orange fungus Melampsora epitea on a leaf of Salix x multinervis.  On the right, a fruiting spike of Tawny Sedge, which grows among the very wet-footed willows at the wood's lower edge where it merges into bog.

Saw two Common Hawker dragonflies land on a willow bush and remain there for a long time, in fact I took pictures but we've already had several of that species.  It's not often you see them land on anything, they mostly just fly back and forth incessantly.



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