Nature Notes from Skye
(and occasionally other places)

Sun 29 May 2005 Scorrybreac.  Frequent showers with sunny intervals.

Geranium lucidum   Geranium lucidum

The Shining Cranesbill is quite frequent in Britain as a whole but very uncommon on Skye.  At the far end of Scorrybreac it grows on an old drystone wall and also on natural rock at the foot of a cliff.

Veronica beccabunga   Veronica beccabunga

In the same area grows Brooklime, which is also uncommon on Skye.  It grows in a very muddy sheep track that descends the cliff face.  The mud has splashed onto the flower in the close-up.

Dermatocarpon miniatum   Lithobius forficatus

An interesting lichen from the same area is Dermatocarpon miniatum, which grows on a vertical rock face overhung with ivy.

The first centipede to feature on this site, Lithobius forficatus, the Common Centipede.  It was in a very sluggish state - barely alive, it seemed, with its head under a piece of lichen.

Puccinia urticata

Look out, those hairs can sting!  A close-up of the Nettle gall Puccinia urticata.



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