Nature Notes from Skye
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Tue 5 Apr 2005, Broadford

Larus fuscus

Sat 16 Apr 2005, Portree

Larus marinus and other gulls


Larus argentatus, L canus and L ridibundus


Larus glaucoides   Larus glaucoides

Haven't had much time to take pics this month, so here are a few gulls to be getting on with.  Top pic, taken in Broadford, is a summer visitor, the Lesser Black-backed Gull.  The second picture shows several of its larger relative, the Greater Black-backed Gull, which is with us all year.  They are, of course, the ones with black backs in the picture, the other gulls being assorted kinds of which three can be seen in the third picture: from left to right, Herring Gull, Common Gull and a first-year Black-headed Gull.  The final two pictures show something a bit rarer, the Iceland Gull, an occasional winter visitor from the Arctic.  This one is a second-year bird.  Anyone who's ever tried to get close to the birds on the Varragill estuary will understand why all these pictures are of rather middling quality.

Salix cinerea catkins   Ranunculus ficaria

Willow catkins opening up to greet the Spring, and the russet underside of a Celandine flower which is not so sure.  The weather is very cold at present, but Spring seems about as advanced as at this time last year, or perhaps slightly behind.  Marsh Marigolds and Dog Violets are in full bloom now, and Primroses are everywhere.  I haven't noticed any Bluebells in flower yet; it was on this very day that I saw the first one last year, but it's probably just that I haven't been out and about much in recent days.



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