Nature Notes from Skye
(and occasionally other places)

Sun 18 Apr 2004

More rain.  From my window watched a Rook displaying to another.  It strutted around holding its wings outwards and downwards so that the tips almost touched the ground, and vibrated its tail which was held at an angle of about 45 above the horizontal.

Tue 20 Apr 2004

Took advantage of a brief break in the rain to nip down to Scorrybreac.  Noticed that the Bluebells there are much less far advanced than the Varragill ones, with only a very low ratio of shoots to leaves, and the shoots only showing a small amount of blue.

Dog Violets are well out now though.  Here is a small clump of them mixed in with Bluebell leaves, followed by a flower close-up.

Viola riviniana   Viola riviniana

Only got two more photos before the rain started again.  Two rock-loving species.  First, on the hillside, at the foot of a rock outcrop, young fronds of Black Spleenwort.  They will be much darker when mature.  Then, on the shore rocks, the sea-spray-loving lichen Ramalina siliquosa.

Asplenium adiantum-nigrum   Ramalina siliquosa

This evening went for a brief stroll and saw my first bats of the year.  Very small, so presumably Pipistrelles.  Flying at tall treetop height.

Fri 23 Apr 2004

Still endless rain.  First summer bird visitor seen, a Willow Warbler.  It didn't warble, was probably miffed at the weather.

Sat 24 Apr 2004

Pair of Bullfinches in trees at south end of Bayfield Car Park.


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